Maple Wings From My Tree

Maple Wings, Pressed Plant Material From the Acer Family

Colorful Wings From A Maple Tree

Early each spring, my Maple trees wake up from their winter hibernation. As the leaves burst forth from the branches, these wings come in with them only to fall off and die a few days later.

I love these naturally bold, vibrant colors, and shape. This could easily turn into a dragon-fly, fairy, or fantasy flower… I know what I’m doing with my grand-daughter Rosie the next time she spends the weekend with us  <smile>


2 thoughts on “Maple Wings From My Tree

  1. OK, Anne, now I can appreciate those maple wings from my neighbor’s tree that, heretofore, only irritated me as they stopped up my gutters. Thanks for helping me see differently. I think that’s one of the beauties of pressed flower art – it helps you see things you’ve never seen before. (I have tried pressing some of my neighbor’s wings, and they always turn out a yucky green. Did you color the wings in your picture? What did you use?)

    I appreciate your posts.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I know what you mean by seeing things differently!

      I did not color the wings, and they do turn green as they mature. To get this amazing color, I pick them very young, when they’re about half the size of what they are when mature. Another plus of picking them young is that they are flat… the seed hasn’t developed yet.

      Happy Pressing, Anne


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