Ray’s Woodland Leaf Collage

This would make a great home school project for your young children.

Just take a walk around your yard, or go to a nature trail, or out into the woods and let your child choose a some pretty leaves.

Take advantage of this time to discuss some basics about the eco-system… teach him how to pick without harming the environment… don’t over-pick.

If you’re picking anywhere other than your own yard, teach him about ethics and responsibility by including him when you ask permission. Always get permission, even if it’s in grandma’s yard. Of course grand won’t care, but It’s a good lesson for your child.


Thought I'd share this fun and easy project. Thought I’d share this fun and easy project. This is perfect to make with children.

My grandson Ray is fascinated with leaves. Always. He shows me leaves all year round, but the fall is his favorite.

Ray loves to bring in a pile of leaves and we just sit there going through them. He shows me all the differences in shape, veining, and his favorite… everywhere a bug has taken a bite.

This is a simple thing to do with a little kid, Ray’s only 6. We simply chose some of his favorites. Then we put them in books to press. When he came back the following weekend we removed the leaves and the excitement really began.

I gave him a piece of 8 x 10 card-stock. He sprayed it with spray adhesive (didn’t want to get into the mess of using glue) and then he carefully chose his very…

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