Since I was a young girl I’ve been pressing flowers, first with my grandma and after she was gone I still kept on pressing. I have a huge collection amassed over a period of decades with a specimen of each item I press, whether it be flowers, foliage, herbs, or other interesting botanicals. I was freeze drying for about 6 years where I learned a lot of floral techniques about preserving flowers and their colors.

There are techniques used for fresh flowers, freeze-dried flowers, and pressed flowers to help them keep their colors. I have started to incorporate all of these techniques for use with pressed flowers. Currently, I am working with an industry leader to develop methods and treatments to improve color preservation in pressed flowers.

I started my website about 14 years ago, It has a lot of information about pressing flowers, pictures of pressed botanicals, and even a couple of easy projects. I had database that can be either searched or browsed, which is still on my website but it’s a bit broken… some of the images are missing but it still works. I am working on a database rebuild that will include about 400 pressed specimens, with images, identification,  information, and pressing tips for each entry. I estimate it will be ready mid to late summer.

I have so many pressed flowers that I’ll never be able to use them all so I have set up an Etsy shop in late September to sell some of my extra flowers.

I am a wife, mother, grandma, aunt, sister, daughter, and friend. I am also fortunate enough to be companion of two beautiful Siberian Husky’s; they are brothers from different litters. I like to paint my dogs as well as drawing them in pencil, ink, and charcoals.


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