Pressed Purple Hydrangea

Pressed Purple Hydrangea Flower

This is from a nice white Hydrangea from the florist that has been dyed purple using a floral absorption dye.

Fresh out of the press. Purple Hydrangeas colored with a floral absorption dye. Hydrangea from a florist has flowers that are generally larger than a garden hydrangea. Some of the blossoms can be as large as a pansy!

These are fun to work with. Pressed Hydrangea flowers are available at Preserved Gardens


Dyeing to Obtain Exotic Colors

Coral-and-Aquamarine Pressed Flowers

Dyed Coral and Aquamarine Pressed Bougainvillea and Queen Anne’s Lace Flowers

I have a lady who sometimes likes colors that are not naturally found in nature. This is a time-consuming process, but easy to do with dyes formulated for dyeing flowers that have already been pressed.

First I mix the dyes to obtain the desired color, then apply the dye using a small soft paint brush. This request was for several varieties of pressed flowers in turquoise and coral. I didn’t think I’d like them but I was wrong. We got some interesting results, so I thought I’d share a picture.

Reds and Whites TO Dye Pressed Flowers

Pressed Sweet Autumn Clematis

On the right we have red, the middle is original color, the bottom is enhanced white.

We’ve had some great success with dying pressed flowers to look natural. We’ve also had a little failure, but we learn from failure so we’re good with it. Below are some test samples showing flowers in their natural condition and after treatment. I tried a little green with one of the carnations but I don’t like it. We need to tone it down.
Pressed Celosia Flowers

The Celosia flower on the right is the original color, the one on the left is treated with red.

Pressed Bachelor Buttons

The top left flower is original, the white on the right is treated, the red is treated.

Color Enhanced Carnations

The Carnation on the left has the original petals, on the right we have the color enhanced petals, with half of the calyx colored green.

Experimenting With Color Retention in Pressed Flowers

Working on Poor Color Retention

Using Bad Flowers to Improve Processes

Having a bit of mad-scientist in me I am working with an expert in the floral field to improve color retention in pressed flowers using techniques that are formulated for both pretreatment color retention and post treatment color enhancing.

Pressed Flowers

Flowers That Are Well Pressed With Good Color to be Used for Experimemtation

Today I spent most of the day going through my pressed flowers looking for bad specimens to send off to the lab for testing. This is exciting for me and my friend in the dried flower industry. I’m happy to be involved in this research and will give periodic reports.

These flowers are good, but they all hold their secrets. Let’s see how it goes.

Pressed Solidago Dyed Red

Pressed Solidago Dyed Red

Pressed Solidago Dyed Red Using Floral Absorption Dye

Solidago, commonly called goldenrod, is in the aster family, Asteraceae.They are herbaceous perennials found growing wild in fields, meadows, pastures. I picked these myself from a nearby field and brought them home to press. This is an easy plant to press.

The Solidago flower is naturally yellow but this has been dyed using a red floral absorption dye.