An Interesting Request…

Pliable Pressed Heather Flowers, Fiber Art

Pliable Pressed Heather Fiber Art

Last week, a talented artist contacted me requesting a special embellishment for a piece she was working on. She needed pressed Heather woven into a cord.

The Heather for her piece needed to look and feel completely natural but also had to be treated in some manner to strengthen and prevent shattering with normal handling. To accommodate these requirements, lamination or resin was not an option.

So, I summoned up my past experience with freeze-drying and used a special method that I had concocted way back when… The only way you can tell the flowers have been preserved beyond normal methods is to actually bend them.

This project was fun, I love when old knowledge becomes useful later in life. Feel free to contact me if you’d like flowers treated this way or have a special project you’d like done.


Heirloom Flower Press

Oak heirloom flower press made from salvaged Oak wood that was reclaimed from the bottom of a bog. The wood is estimated to be at least 800 years old, possibly older.

BOG OAK FLOWER PRESS – Limited edition heirloom flower press created from salvaged Oak that was reclaimed from the bottom of a bog in New England. The wood is estimated to be at least 800 years old, possibly older; centuries before settlers came to America. Click on the photo to see this press and the history it holds.
Image used with permission. © 2013 Lynette Breton and Patty Olds of Holding Patterns

Today I stumbled upon the website of a woodworker (I’d really call her presses art) who makes the most enchantingly beautiful flower presses I’ve ever seen. This artist creates limited edition heirloom flower presses using historical, reclaimed, and salvaged hardwoods and even gives an interesting and well written history of the wood used for each press and where the wood came from. I spent too much time on her website reading, re-reading and studying the photos… I had other things I should have done, but I just couldn’t tear myself away.

We all have presses that we use and have to put away when visitors come because they are just not pretty. However this press is such a work of art in itself that I’d be proud to display it where all can see, even if I’m not pressing anything in it at the moment. Knowing the full history, I imagine this beautiful flower press would be a great conversation starter. Using this press, you would be using art to create art and what could be better! I encourage you to take a look.

Blue Spring Crocus

Blue Crocus From My Garden - Pressed Spring 2002

Blue Crocus From My Garden – Pressed Spring 2002

To start out, I thought I’d share a blue crocus that I  pressed in early spring of 2002, and to my surprise, it still looks pretty good! This crocus Is safely mounted in one of my journals of pressed flowers, where I keep a collection of one specimen of pressed flowers, herbs, foliage, mosses, lichens, and some pretty unusual botanicals.

My journals are made of high quality water-color paper and come spiral bound from the art store. I then decorate the fronts of the journals and cover with a few coats of decoupage. The results? Great!

This spring when the crocus comes up, I promise to write up a tutorial with step-by-step instructions and photos for pressing crocus flowers and foliage.

I decided to share this pressed flower first because people clearly like it… of all my images and writings, this picture is the one most often stolen and reprinted, violating my copyright; this is not nice. If you see this image somewhere else, please let me know.